Tsuyoshi Ozawa, ‘Vegetable Weapon: Nishime (Simmered Vegetables)/ Fukushima’, 2011, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2017

Courtesy of the artist and MISA SHIN GALLERY

For Tsuyoshi Ozawa’s series Vegetable Weapons (2001-present), the artist instructs his models to choose the vegetables that make up the ingredients of their local hot-pot dish. He then takes their portrait with guns made of their native vegetables. After the portrait session is complete, he and the model cook the ingredients and enjoy a meal. The featured example is a 2011 addition to the series, photographed in Fukushima following the 3-11 nuclear accident. Ozawa is a member of the artist collective Xijing Men (along with Chen Shaoxiong of China and Gimhongsok of South Korea), whose work, conceptually, elaborates upon the imagined culture, history, politics and economics of the fictitious city of Xijing. Their work is currently on view in the Guggenheim Museum exhibition Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World.
Courtesy of Japan Society

Signature: Signed on verso

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