Ture Bengtz, ‘Men in Boat’, ca. 1958, Childs Gallery

From the estate of the artist.

About Ture Bengtz

Ture Bengtz moved to New England from Finland as a young man, and there the skilled draftsman, painter, and lithographer played a sunnier, more optimistic counterpoint to the Boston Expressionists, who dealt with themes of politics and social injustice. A virtuoso printmaker, he experimented with a variety of techniques, including chamois cloth rubbing, crayon work, acid burning, washes, and leaf transfers. He experimented on canvas as well, even moving into pure abstraction unlike other members of his circle. In addition to his work as a Social Realist and experimental artist, Bengtz was a passionate educator, teaching figure drawing and anatomy at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts alongside refugee German “degenerate” artist Karl Zerbe, and hosting his own local cable TV show, “Bengtz on Drawing,” for three years.

Finnish, 1907-1973