Turi Simeti, ‘Due ovali rossi’, 2005, Galerie Andreas Binder

About Turi Simeti

A member of the mid-20th-century Minimalist movement known as Group Zero, Turi Simeti is an engineer of light, color, and geometry. His monochrome shaped canvases are examples of pure formalism that helped pioneer the now well-established idea that paintings can be three-dimensional art objects. Based in Milan, the still active artist is particularly known for his use of oblong ellipses. Subtle and often understated, his oeuvre is always dynamic in its textured surfaces, saturated colors, and masterful shadow work.

Italian, b. 1929, Alcamo, Province of Trapani, Italy, based in Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Exhibition Highlights

Umberto Mariani & Italian Monochromes