TV Moore, ‘Tripasso in Wackyland’, 2014, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

About TV Moore

TV Moore creates multimedia works—from sound art to digital paintings—that explore a collision between art history and technology. YouTube videos, The Sims game, 1980s video art, and modern writer J.D. Salinger all serve as references for the Australian artist, who combines his diverse sources to evoke the sensory experience of the information age. The dream-like video Tripasso in Wackyland (2014) is a Looney-Toon-style animation that depicts a cartoon Pablo Picasso running from the female figures in his iconic painting Les Demoiselles D'Avignon set to a soundtrack reminiscent of Walt Disney’s Fantasia. Moore’s practice extends to exhibition design, which he uses to enhance the psychedelic nature of his works, immersing them in customized, brightly colored spaces.

Australian, b. 1974, Canberra, Australia, based in New York, NY

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