Tyson Reeder, ‘Untitled’, 2013, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2013

Reeder creates captivating worlds within small canvases, radiating their minimal surface area with darting energy. “If the images sometimes seem childlike, the surfaces are anything but,” The New York Times' Roberta Smith has described. “The best of them are deliberately wrought and beautiful—and in their own way, deadly serious.” Starting Bid: $2,500.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Tyson Reeder

Tyson Reeder creates paintings, drawings, and sculpture in a naïve, flat, and sometimes cartoonish style, exploring subject matter that has included landscapes, heads, garments, animals, stars, and feet, as well as abstract forms. Working in materials such as crayon, marker, pencil, watercolor, and synthetic paint, and with various application tools—pens, plastic knives and forks, and his hands—Reeder has described his experimental, mixed-media approach as “temporarily suspending the burden of art history, with its myriad ways of contextualizing every type of painting move, to let accident and invention come into the process.” Reeder often paints en plein air, and includes references to hip-hop and pop culture in his work. He is the brother and musical and artistic collaborator of Scott Reeder, with whom he has produced special events and shows, including art fairs submerged in darkness and in bowling alleys.

American, b. 1974, Fairfax, Virginia, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Group Shows

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery,