U-Ram Choe, ‘Jet Hiatus (Scientific name: Anmorosta Cetorhinus maximus Uram)’, 2008, bitforms gallery

Jet Hiatus, first observed at an airplane scrap site in the Mojave Desert, is regarded as an inorganic creature mutated from the microscopic machine living in a gas turbine engine. It is outstandingly similar to the engine of a passenger plane in its form. It is often found flying against the jet stream that flows through the upper atmosphere about 40,000 feet high at 50 degrees North latitude in summer and at 25 degrees North latitude in the winter. Many witnesses also testify that they have seen Jet Hiatus landing around airplane dumps and assembly plants for airplane engines. Many scientists often compare it to a form of regressed salmon.

About U-Ram Choe

Inspired by the grandeur of the physical realm, from celestial bodies to earthly organisms, U-ram Choe’s complex kinetic sculptures combine delicate, otherworldly beauty with machines, motors, and steel. Choe’s shiny biomorphic forms flutter, glow, and breathe inside their metallic bodies, appearing both familiar and entirely alien. His 2010 exhibition entitled “Kalpa” featured the artist’s realization of an awe-inspiring night sky, a cosmos made out of lights, reflective surfaces, and glimmering jewel-like resin shapes suspended in a darkened gallery space.

Korean, b. 1970, based in Seoul, Korea