U-Ram Choe, ‘Nox Pennatus (Scientific name: Anmoroprsta Cetorhinus maximus Uram)’, 2005, bitforms gallery

Nox Pennatus usually live in large cities or industrial areas. They inhale NOx (some type of nitrogen oxide) through the 12 inhalers on the side of their bodies and exhale oxygen in return. After midnight, when the atmosphere's pollutants descend onto the surface of the earth, the creatures are most active, flying low diagonally over the ground. Often, one can find long traces of the Nox Pennatus' low flight over the asphalt on roads and highways.

About U-Ram Choe

Inspired by the grandeur of the physical realm, from celestial bodies to earthly organisms, U-ram Choe’s complex kinetic sculptures combine delicate, otherworldly beauty with machines, motors, and steel. Choe’s shiny biomorphic forms flutter, glow, and breathe inside their metallic bodies, appearing both familiar and entirely alien. His 2010 exhibition entitled “Kalpa” featured the artist’s realization of an awe-inspiring night sky, a cosmos made out of lights, reflective surfaces, and glimmering jewel-like resin shapes suspended in a darkened gallery space.

Korean, b. 1970, based in Seoul, Korea