Udo Nöger, ‘Innerer Zustand’, 2010, Álvaro Alcázar

About Udo Nöger

Udo Nöger aims to bring out the luminescence of paint in his practice. The artist is known for monochromatic gray works that give the impression of emitting light. Nöger achieves this effect by stretching multiple pieces of fabric or canvas onto one frame; he either paints on or cuts shapes into the different layers beforehand. As a result, the work appears lighter and more transparent in certain parts. Nöger has also been known to paint on the underside of the fabric, and to use materials of varying thickness and opacity.

German, b. 1961, Enger, Germany

Exhibition Highlights

San Francisco,
Udo Nöger: The Inside of Light
UDO NOGER | New Paintings