Ugo Rondinone, ‘Blue yellow pink mountain’, 2015, Swiss Institute Benefit Auction 2015

Ugo Rondinone’s recent series “Mountain,” reflects an ongoing interest in harnessing elements and objects from the natural world, and manipulating them through art. The brightly colored rock formations are rainbow totems, precariously balanced and elevated on an archetypal sculptural plinth. Sadie Coles HQ, London exhibited the “Mountain” sculptures for the first time in the 2015 solo exhibition, “clouds + mountains + waterfalls.”

H: 91 cm.

Pedestal: 84 x 47 x 47 cm.

Image rights: Courtesy the artist

About Ugo Rondinone

Ranging from installations to psychedelic paintings to large-scale drawings, Ugo Rondinone’s eclectic work balances on the razor’s edge between euphoria and depression. His signature incandescent colors and Pop references, as in his rainbow-hued and neon-lit sign pieces, turn cultural clichés (“Hell, Yes!”) into material for a contemporary Arte Povera, recycling old catchphrases, repurposed cement, or cast-off clothes. Similarly, his sculptures often transform everyday objects by casting them in bronze, giving them an artificial permanence that both underscores and denies their perishability. Rondinone represented Switzerland in the 52nd Venice Biennale.

Swiss, b. 1964, Brunnen, Switzerland, based in New York, New York