Ulrich Lamsfuss, ‘Jürgen Ostarhild, Avatars 2’, 2015, Hammelehle und Ahrens

About Ulrich Lamsfuss

Stating, “What I see is what you get,” Ulrich Lamsfuss trolls mass media and archival sources for photographs—including luxury brand advertisements, documentary images, nature photography, and fashion spreads—which he transforms into faithfully reproduced oil-on-canvas paintings. Ranging from small- to large-scale, his lush, painterly compositions take weeks to produce, in notable and deliberate contradistinction to his source photographs, formed in an instant. Lamsfuss studied at the renowned Dusseldorf Art Academy under Georg Baselitz, gaining an appreciation for the expressive potential of the painted gesture and the primacy of subject matter—which he turns on its head. By painting a decidedly random assortment of images, some of which he duplicates across multiple canvases, he aims to dispense with subject matter, ideas, and larger themes altogether. Mimicking our image-saturated reality, his work is, quite literally, what we happen to see.

German, b. 1971, Bonn, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany