Ulrike Palmbach, ‘Tangle  #4606’, 2015, Wirtz Art

About Ulrike Palmbach

In the spirit of the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, by which she is inspired, Ulrike Palmbach produces unsettling sculptures and installations reflecting the anxiety underlying modern life and consumer culture. Using such utilitarian materials as army blankets, muslin, wood, and beeswax, she re-creates everyday objects, and crafts sculptures of animals, at once seductive and imbued with psychological intensity. The handcrafted quality of her works, with their visible stitches, soft structure, and delicate, loose threads, invites touch and references crafts historically associated with women. This serves to emphasize the subtle oddities that make her works menacing and dysfunctional. In Exodus (1997), for example, Palmbach presents a tableau of birds sitting on wires. Such an innocuous, everyday scene is made strange by the zippers that run up each bird’s middle, some unzipped to reveal the emptiness inside their bodily shell.

German, b. 1963

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