Ultra Violet, ‘Guardian Angel’, 2000, Children's Museum of the Arts

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Isabelle Collin Dufresne, better known by her artist name “Ultra Violet”, was a French-born artist who was based in New York City. Her pseudonym comes from the extensive use of violet in her art but also as a color she would wear and dye her hair with. In her late 20's, she met Andy Warhol (thanks to Salvador Dalí), and soon became one of the Factory’s “Superstars” working along with him and other Pop art artists. In 1973 after a near-death experience, she started questioning her life of excess and entered a spiritual quest that is reflected in her work. Through paintings and sculptures, she depicted the heavens and angelic creatures such as in Guardian Angel (2000). She was also involved with a variety of other media including print, neon and photography among others, as she enjoyed experimenting and “[was] interested more in the future than in the past” as she mentioned in a 2005 interview. After the 9/11 attacks, many of her works used the Roman letters, "IXXI" as a palindrome echoing the date of the terrorist attack.

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About Ultra Violet

French, 1935-2014, La Tronche, Isere, France, based in New York, New York