Unknown Artist, ‘Impressive Rio Magdalena Urn’, 800-1500, Muzeion Gallery

The urn sits with a lightly tapering cylindrical body, mounted with three avian figures in low relief near the rim, the lid with a large seated male figure on a four legged stool. The man is modeled with a wide trapezoidal face having coffee bean eyes and mouth, a nose ring, his thick calves joining a spindly femur ,and a barrel shaped chest with collar bone prominently shown in relief, genitals exposed while backside shows buttocks, spine, and shoulder blades. The figure alone is 13” tall by 8” wide. Such an urn would have been used for storage of food or beverage but also, possibly as an internment vessel for an infant. The vessel base is expertly repaired from large parts and the lid having the dome reconstructed, appearing intact, and the man with a reattached shoulder blade.


About Unknown Artist