Unknown Artist, ‘Rare International Style Gold Figure of Shaman’, 500-1000, Muzeion Gallery

The shaman firmly standing on diminutive feet with toes indicated by small grooves, head held erect, grasping a pair of waisted lime containers, poporo, in each hand, the broad checked face with eyes closed as if in a trance and lips pressed together, solely adorned with jewelry consisting of multi-stranded necklace, scrolled earrings and distinctive openwork headdress of interlaces volutes; a suspension loop on the reverse. International style objects from Panama and Costa Rica are noteworthy for a number of salient qualities witch differentiate them from later Panamanian works. Differences exist in form and iconography; conceptually, the ornaments are both simple and elegant with few of the 'busy' additive parts so common to Isthmian examples with surfaces so smooth that they glisten. This figure of a visionary engrossed in a ritual, certainly with an association to psyco-tropic substances as contained in the poporos, is remarkable for its three-dimensional construction. In family collection since 1990

Costa Rica

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