Unknown Artist, ‘A grey agate cup of circular form’, China: Yuan|early Ming dynasty-14th/early 15th century, Rasti Chinese Art

For related cups, see 'Jade Selections from Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in the Tibet Museum', p. 63, no. 30; and Yin, Zhiqiang 殷志強 (ed.), 'Gu Yu Zhi Mei 古玉至美' p. 169, no. 111; a related cup given by the King of Siam to Louis XIV in 1686 is illustrated in Battesti, Teresa and Henri-Jean Schubnel, 'Jades Impériaux: National Museum of History', p. 7; and a very similar cup was exhibited by Knapton Rasti Asian Art, see Knapton Rasti Asian Art, 'Chinese Works of Art', October 2013, p. 64, no. 41.

Private Japanese collection

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