Unknown Artist, ‘Leisi Filigree Bun—Net with Two Dragons’, Ming dynasty (1368–1644), Art Museum of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The underlying shape of this hair ornament is made of filigree, and consists of a hemispherical, ribbed top attached to a round, flat, collar-like base. The top and base are joined with gold foil, while the standing wing-shaped ornaments at the sides and back are attached to the base with hooks. Holes on the sides of the base enabled the whole accessory to be secured to the head. The ornament is elaborately decorated. Bats and lotus flowers decorate the top and the collar below. The wing-shaped ornaments are embellished with five-clawed dragons chasing an inlaid flaming red gemstone amidst cloud scrolls. The dragons’ necks are made of springs so that their heads would sway with movement.

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