Uri Aran, ‘Untitled (WWW)’, 2012, SculptureCenter
Uri Aran, ‘Untitled (WWW)’, 2012, SculptureCenter

Through the use of original video footage, appropriated or de-contextualized images and formal elements from easily digested models of cultural production, Uri Aran builds collaged structures and time lines. His work explores the humor, poetics and manipulations of everyday objects and popularly held beliefs. Aran calls attention to the nuances within a world of givens. Often deploying a combination of dry narrative and lush imagery, Aran's work is undermined by his own constructions, which can be read as devastated landscapes where a loss of logic mirrors the sense of a set of promises that are currently unfulfilled.

Aran's work has appeared in Knights Move, a group exhibition at SculptureCenter in 2010, with solo exhibitions at Art Basel in 2011, Gavin Browns enterprise in 2012, and Kunsthalle Zurich in 2013, and group exhibitions including The Encyclopedic Palace, 2013 Venice Biennale, and at New York's High Line Park, among other venues.

About Uri Aran

Uri Aran’s sculptures and installations, composed of familiar objects, make frequent use of the table as a stage for everyday items such as personal photographs, cookies, or stuff found lying around his studio. Aran focuses on process, constantly arranging and reorganizing these objects and creating presentations connected by narrative threads. The curator Bartholomew Ryan wrote that Aran “makes use of familiar objects, from detritus to mementos, to bring the everyday into tension with the highly gestural, moving fluently between mediums and building meaning through accumulation.” His process also suggests design thinking, as the artist explores how a complex network of ideas can be flattened into a logical system.

Israeli, b. 1977, based in Brooklyn, New York