Utagawa Hiroshige (Andō Hiroshige), ‘New Fuji, Meguro (1st Edition)’, 1857, Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints & Drawing

First, or deluxe edition. Springtime view of the “New” mini Fuji, built in 1829 by Kondô Jûzô on his estates to give women, children and the elderly a chance to scale Mt. Fuji, which was worshipped as holy by a popular religion, Fujikô. We see visitors climbing the zigzag path and three at the top, admiring the view of the real Mount Fuji from afar. The rounded shapes of the blooming cherry trees in the foreground provide a pleasant balance to the two strong triangular shapes of the mountains. Liberal use of mica in the grey, black and brown areas.

Series: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (Meisho Edo Hyakkei)

Signature: Hiroshige ga (in block)

Publisher: Uoya Eikichi

Henry Smith II: Hiroshige One Hundred Famous View of Edo, plate 24.

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