Utagawa Hiroshige (Andō Hiroshige), ‘Whirlpool at Naruto (Province Awa)’, 1853, Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints & Drawing

Dramatic waves leap and foam over rocks in the Naruto Strait, which connects the Inland Sea and the Kii Channel between Awaji and Naruto in Shikoku. It is famous for its whirlpools, one of which is depicted front and center. The finest design in this series, a masterpiece of nature’s dramatic beauty. The tiny unprinted area in the signature cartouche is present even in very early impressions. This compares well with the example at the Honolulu Acadamy, and is superior to the example found in most museum collections.

Series: "60-Odd Famous Views of the Provinces"

Signature: Hiroshige ga (in block, as usual)

Publisher: Koshimuraya Heisuke

See “Hiroshige’s Journey in the 60-Odd Provinces”, plate 55 page 138.

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