Vadim Zakharov, ‘The Great Dictator 8 ’, 2014, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg-Vienna

About Vadim Zakharov

Vadim Zakharov is a prolific theorist and historian in addition to being a leading figure of Moscow Conceptualism. In the many decades of his career, Zakharov has produced installations, performances, videos, and objects. Since 1978, he has participated in exhibitions of Unofficial Art, a movement in reaction against Soviet Socialist Realism, in favor of highlighting discord in Soviet Russian life. Zakharov also works in reaction to what he considers fundamental trademarks of Russian art—icon painting and the avant-garde. His works are sometimes based on archives, religion, or history; they have included photo and video documentaries of exhibitions, encounters, and his own activities.

Russian, b. 1959, Dushanbe, Russia, based in Berlin & Moscow