Vadis Turner, ‘Air Sample ( Blue)’, 2013, Geary

About Vadis Turner

"My time, like generations of women before me, is judged by what I make with my hands," writes artist Vadis Turner. Turner makes installations, textiles, and mixed-media pieces that incorporate traditionally feminine materials such as ribbons, lingerie, fabric, even tampons. Deliberately handcrafted, they reference a class of labor long considered women's work. Her tactile methods, which include sewing and quilting, are often subversively employed, as delicate materials accumulate into grotesque surfaces; an abundance of ribbons creates a stew of mottled color on the surface of a canvas. She also frequently repurposes domestic tools associated with motherhood into seductive garments: wax paper is fashioned into a lacy lingerie set. Several works question the significance of milestones like weddings and graduations, such as Vanity (My Beautiful Education) (2008), which includes the artist's BFA and MFA diplomas cut into fragile false eyelashes.

American, b. 1977