Vahakn Arslanian, ‘Boeing 767 Way’, 2010, Mana Contemporary

About Vahakn Arslanian

Pursuing art as a passion and a means of communication to overcome his autism and near-complete deafness, Vahakn Arslanian focuses largely on airplanes, birds, and candles—things he can hear or in which he finds great beauty—as subject matter for his mixed-media sculptures, installations, paintings, and drawings. Largely self-taught, he has been surrounded by art since he was five years old, when he first began working with Julian Schnabel. He is particularly drawn to glass and frequently employs disused airplane windows—which he often cracks—as the ground for his delicate graphite drawings. “I like airplanes because I like to listen to the engines,” Arslanian once explained. “One day I want to put paint inside an airplane engine, so that when it’s turned on it will shoot the paint out onto a canvas.”

Belgian, b. 1975

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