Valentin Carron, ‘Jacky’, 2010, Phillips

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303 Gallery, New York
Private Collection, New York

About Valentin Carron

Valentin Carron’s practice is equal parts sociological study and criticism of cultural artifacts and institutions. He is best known for creating works that reproduce vernacular items from rural Switzerland, like iron shop signs, crucifixes, mopeds, rustic architectural details, musical instruments, and roughly carved wooden bears, critically engaging with or sending up their original sources. More recently, Carron has broadened his range of subjects, looking toward the presentation of culture and history in museum settings and taking on themes of power, politics, and classification. He cites among his role models Peter Fischli and David Weiss, and Mike Kelley. Museum exhibitions include: Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland (2014); 55th Venice Biennale, Swiss Pavilion, Venice, Italy (2013); Palais du Tokyo, Paris (2010).

Swiss, b. 1977, Martigny, Switzerland, based in Martigny, Switzerland