Valerie Green, ‘IMG 2036_7/12/13, 3:59:48 PM, 2014’, 2014, Moskowitz Bayse

About Valerie Green

Through her photographs, installations, and videos, Valerie Green explores urban sprawl, consumerism, and the impact of digital technology on the real world and our lives. She blurs the line between the physical and the digital and two- and three-dimensional space. A number of her installations, for example, feature photographic cut-outs of piles of shopping bags or the items that once filled them—such as brand-name sneakers and heaps of clothing—accompanied by sounds of rustling plastic bags or music shot through with materialistic messages. In a more minimalist vein, she creates decals of the “close,” “minimize,” and “maximize” buttons that appear in the corner of Mac computer screens, and affixes them to gallery walls. More recently, Green created abstract photographs by capturing droplets of cleaner on computer screens in pixelated, close-up visions.

American, b. 1981

Solo Shows

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Valerie Green - Look Up