Vasa Velizar Mihich, ‘Rainbow Brick’, 1982, Caviar20

Vasa Mihich is a renowned artist who is known for his sleek, colorful and captivating acrylic sculptures.

His best sculptures are composed of geometric planes of different colors suspended in acrylic.

The work is a fantastic example of the mysterious "ombre" affect the artist has mastered. How do dense shades of grape purple and blue merge into each other?

And then if you look at the sculpture from another angle you discover slices of green, orange and lime as supporting characters.

Caviar20 has long championed Vasa Mihich; both his opened editioned pieces, his major sculptures and smaller vintage pieces.

This is a particularly special early (1982!) vintage piece. Besides that the colors are rich and saturated, the overall surface is in excellent condition; the artist repolished and refinished the surface for Caviar20.

Signature: Incised signature and date by the artist.

About Vasa Velizar Mihich