Vera Barnett, ‘Untitled’, 2014, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Vera Barnett is a finalist in the 2014 Hunting Art Prize. Born in New York, and educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1977-81), Barnett moved to Texas in 1985. She began using pool toys as still life subjects but quickly felt a desire for more emotional and personal subjects. Her solution was to create and sew her own models with plastic. She turned to well-known paintings such as Manet’s Olympia, which was the first painting in her Classical Plastique series in 1993. More recently, Barnett has begun a new series, called The Painted Word. Shifting her inspiration from art to words, Barnett’s new paintings are inspired by thought-provoking quotes rich in meaning. This new direction synthesizes her understanding of the quote from her own life experience with her unique style and process, heightening our perception of both. This painting of the artist's cat is the first painting in a grouping that will be comprised of several cats and dogs with a painting of a person in the middle. This new series will be exhibited at Valley House Gallery in 2015.

Series: This is the first painting in an as-yet-untitled series.

Signature: signed "V. Barnett / 2014" at lower left

Image rights: Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Dallas, Texas

This painting will be included in a solo exhibition of Vera Barnett's work at Valley House Gallery in 2015.

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