Veron Urdarianu, ‘House with a History’, 2006, Berggruen Gallery

About Veron Urdarianu

Veron Urdarianu began his career as a painter in the late 1960s, before switching to sculptural work following a move to the Netherlands in 1973; he has worked in both mediums since the 1990s. His paintings, fittingly, have a sculptural quality; Urdarianu sometimes fashions canvases from pieces of cardboard and paper to make the work appear to be a cast sculpture. He paints in a representational style by building up his compositions with thick impasto, hard-edged forms, and solid planes of color. His subjects are sometimes narrative, and allude to quotidian scenes, human relationships, and art-historical subjects. His sculptures are often based on freehand architectural sketches, with complex moving parts—like doors that open and shut, or roofs or floors that lift.

Dutch, b. 1951, Bucharest, Romania, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands