Véronique Boudier, ‘Les Miroirs éblouis - Landscape Transport 1’, 2014, Galerie Christophe Gaillard

About Véronique Boudier

Multimedia artist Véronique Boudier uses art to transform everyday instances into moments of meaning. Primarily a sculptor, Boudier also works in installation, performance, photography, and film, often combining these elements into a single exhibition. She frequently explores the passing of time and its effects on the perishable world, using food and nature as motifs. Like Marcel Duchamp, she approaches her work with a sense of humor, as in her exhibition “Mimétisme du Mimosa”. In it, the viewer is invited to watch a video while they are teased with the script for the artist’s Futur Film, its pages glued shut. Boudier’s work never reveals its artificiality, however, unless she deliberately orchestrates its unveiling.

French, b. 1961