Vicken Parsons, ‘Untitled’, 2015, Christine König Galerie

About Vicken Parsons

In her small oil paintings, Vicken Parsons creates delicate, warm spaces through spare shapes and neutral shades. Parsons works on a small scale, applying thin, almost translucent layers of oil paint into imprecise geometric fields that evoke landscapes or partial views of interiors. These spaces come from both the artist’s memory and imagination, and possess an intimate quality that stands in contrasts to the monumental art of Parson’s studio mate and husband, Antony Gormley. “I like the contradiction of making a large space within a small thing, and then within the small thing, the space opens up again,” she has said. “But it’s not a real space, obviously, it’s a suggested space—and sometimes it is a cancellation of that.”

English, b. 1957