Victoire de Castellane, ‘Acidae Lili Pervertus’, 2010, Gagosian

About Victoire de Castellane

In the hands of designer Victoire de Castellane, bold, gemstone-ridden jewelry pieces are transformed into small architectural objects. She first repurposed a bracelet into a pair of earrings at age five; at 12, she melted down her gold Communion medal to make a ring. Castellane, who designed jewelry at Chanel for 14 years and has been the creative director of Christian Dior jewelry since 1998, credits watching relatives put on their jewelry with having sparked her fascination with baubles. Women and femininity are her core sources of inspiration; she believes jewels “give women the power to escape from reality.” Castellane’s pieces are deliberately over-the-top, and—like drug-induced hallucinations—blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

French, b. 1963

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