Vincent Dubourg, ‘Armoire Chinoise’, 2012, Carpenters Workshop Gallery

About Vincent Dubourg

The works of French designer Vincent Dubourg span the boundary between furniture and sculpture. His unexpected forms—a table with upturned chairs for legs, a chair made from suitcases and a deconstructed bicycle, or a staircase that seems to grow from the floor like a grove of trees—alternately call to mind growing plants or remnants of a disaster. “I like the idea of creating something beautiful out of something broken,” Dubourg has said. Yet even at his most experimental, Dubourg pays homage to traditional craft and techniques such as cabinet-making, glass-blowing, wood-bending and metal-casting, as well as French Rococo furniture and other classic forms. “The destruction is necessary for the construction of a new order,” he says. “It is irreversible and necessary, just as in nature.”

French, b. 1977