Vincent Faust, ‘CUBE 10/2’, 2016, ViVO Contemporary

“Cube 10/2” is one in a series of "Cube" sculptures, incorporating welded steel and aircraft cable. A 10” open-frame black cube shape floats off the surface, suspended in space with aircraft cable by a downward-projecting cubic segment of white square tubing. Additional matching elements are arranged in a symmetrical array penetrating through each side of the open cube. The intersecting projection of the tubing elements at the center of the piece is itself a cubic void space. All parts are protected with a powdercoat finish color – a baked-on industrial coating designed to withstand indoor or outdoor conditions. “Cube 10/2” is fully three-dimensional and symmetrical from all sides. The cable-tensioned components are stationary. It would be appropriate for display either on a raised surface near a wall or in an open area viewable from multiple angles. The White/Black color scheme will be a striking addition in any decor.

About Vincent Faust

American, b. 1951, Chicago, IL, United States, based in Santa Fe, NM, United States