Vincent Faust, ‘Vortex’, 2016, ViVO Contemporary

“VORTEX” is a human-scaled airy mobile sculpture, incorporating welded steel and aircraft cable. A black semicircular arc of square steel tubing projects upward from a simple weighted base. Four blue twisted “wishbone” forms are held in tight suspension in successively inverted orientations and reduced sizes between the top and bottom points of the arc, one pointing downward – the next upward, etc.. The forms are mounted with swivel fittings that allow them to rotate or sway gently to the touch. All parts are protected with a powdercoat finish color – a baked-on industrial coating designed to withstand indoor or outdoor conditions. “VORTEX” is fully three-dimensional and asymmetrical, enhanced by the variable positioning of the components. The suspended elements are subject to induced movement. The sculpture would be appropriate for display on solid ground in an open area viewable from multiple angles. The subtle color scheme is suitable for any indoor or outdoor setting.

About Vincent Faust

American, b. 1951, Chicago, IL, United States, based in Santa Fe, NM, United States