Vincent Priblo, ‘Giving Rise To’, 2017, Gateway Art Center NYC

I always love this phrase 'giving rise to…' or in a historical sense, this event 'gave rise to' this ensuing social or political movement, etc. Sometimes our actions and inactions have unseen and far-reaching effects, positive and negative. In my personal artist case, the kind of serendipitous and improvisational style in which I paint will often give rise to a new abstract idea that develops into a new work.

Signature: Hand signed by the artist.

Image rights: Artist.

Publisher: NPR Publishing Ltd.

About Vincent Priblo


Solo Shows

Bergen Country Performing Arts Center, 
Englewood, NJ, USA,
Vincent Priblo Solo Exhibit

Group Shows

Gateway Art Center NYC, 
New York, NY, USA,
Art Competition. Bronze place award for Abstract Art “String Theory”