Viola Relle & Raphael Weilguni, ‘Hero’, 2017, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle

The ceramics of the young artist duo R-R feature cryptically amorphous forms – their sculptures include representations of organisms oscillating between natural and technical structures and elements of surrealistic constellations. Their motifs include masks, crowns, guardian figures, and sarcophagi and reveal a playful approach allowing for participation and reminding the beholder of Franz West’s “Adaptives” or works by the process artist Franz Erhard Walther. Raphael Weilguni and Viola Relle’s works captivate viewers by letting them feel experience material properties and aggregate states such as weight and rigidity as well as fragility and flexibility and by confronting them with the aesthetics of the incomplete. Their works often seem like found archeological objects and encourage viewers to ponder civilizational processes and cultural-anthropological matters such as that of humans as both cultural creators and creations of culture. With their “Hero” series, Weilguni and Relle consider promises that one has to take at face value for the time being and cannot immediately verify.

About Viola Relle & Raphael Weilguni