Viola Yeşiltaç, ‘Untitled (I really must congratulate you on your attention to detail)’, 2013, Swiss Institute Benefit Auction 2015

In Viola Yeşiltaç’s recent work, the artist photographs frail, paper sculptures of her own creation during the brief window in which they can remain upright. Drawing inspiration from the TV series, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” Yeşiltaç parallels an actor transforming into a fictionalized counterpart, with an ephemeral sculpture appearing permanent and balanced. Yeşiltaç is represented by David Lewis Gallery, New York, and has exhibited across North America and Europe.

Image rights: Courtesy the artist

About Viola Yeşiltaç

Using performance, drawing, sculpture, and photography, the artist Viola Yeşiltaç investigates the consequences of temporal and material transformation. Yeşiltaç often photographs time-based performances or sculptures, pitting a sense of endurance and solidity against the material and temporal reality of the underlying works. She cites her background in photography as the catalyst for this exploration of shifting representational frameworks.

German, b. 1975