Vishal Jugdeo, ‘A Weight Dangles Above Your Head’, 2014, Lora Reynolds Gallery

About Vishal Jugdeo

Although he is primarily a video artist, Vishal Jugdeo displays his videos in sculptural installations, which sometimes include moving elements that enhance the works’ narrative and conceptual dimensions. “The works have a very strong sculptural presence. So even though I make videos, they’re made in relationship to objects that have voices emanating from them, or they’re mechanized to move,” he says. Sometimes, as in his ambitious Goods Carrier (2012), those mechanical additions break the fourth wall between the artwork and its viewers. His videos include biographical elements, retelling stories about Jugdeo and his boyfriend, his friends, and his family. Although his videos are carefully scripted, the ambiguity of his characters’ interactions and the permeability of their modes of display disrupt passive spectatorship, encouraging his audience’s full immersion in the work.


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