Viviane Sassen, ‘Untitled from Roxane II, 112’, 2017, Stevenson

About Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen’s photographic practice encompasses fashion, photojournalism, and fine art, and draws from her memories of three years spent in Kenya as a child. Returning to Africa at the age of 16, Sassen has continued to travel and work there since. Her portraits typically feature anonymous subjects in unidentified African countries, vivid colors, and sharp silhouettes. Lithe bodies, their faces often cast in shadow, pose with mysterious props and objects. Her series “Parasomnia” (2010), which references a sleep disorder that includes symptoms of abnormal dreams, nightmares, and sleepwalking, contains elements of a surreal dreamscape. “I try to make images that confuse me,” Sassen says. “And I hope they confuse others too.”

Dutch, b. 1972, Amsterdam, Netherlands, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands