Vlad Korol, ‘Alieno’, 2016, Vitavie Gallery
Vlad Korol, ‘Alieno’, 2016, Vitavie Gallery

This piece has a melodious impact. The superimposed strips of two sharp graphic images play both parts of a synesthetic harmony. The dark blue mandala-like image resounds like solid base notes, while the second multicolored piece sings all shades of soprano and alto melodies. Beyond its initial appeal, Alieno offers a combination that most take for granted in our current digital world, in the sense that the image does not source its colours from a softwares digital palette. The superimposition of strips becomes the first level of this illusionary depth - background and foreground fluctuate, yet maintain a flat appearance. Through this however, there are shifts in proportion in which repeated abstract motifs shrink exponentially on a diagonal, yet the line quality remains the same. This continues to bring the plausibility of depth into question.

Signature: Vlad Korol

Artist Project Toronto 2017, ArtExpo New York 2017, Art Vancouver 2017.

Master Copy from the Vitavie Gallery.

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