Vladimir Frumin, ‘Landscape Temperament 1’, ca. 2016, Foto Relevance

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Series: The performance in “Landscape Temperament” is a two actor play of human emotion. While plastic is an inanimate object that is flexible and moldable that can protect or hide, it is also an unnatural intrusive, alien creation. The West Texas landscape, wild and isolated in these images is hostile, immovable stone and as dangerous as the thorns and spears on the cactus and other plants located there. Vladimir Frumin staged here the struggle between these protagonists. His medium format film-based images capture a drama that alternates between unity, separation, struggle, fighting and eventually acceptance and defeat. Nature is always battling, changing, degrading, rebuilding playing out an endless cycle of birth, life and death. Plastic does not.

About Vladimir Frumin

American, b. 1955, Saint Petersburg, Russia, based in Houston, TX, United States

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