Vladimir Nazarov, ‘Graceful’, 2016,  Impact Art Gallery

Classical Confetti Series by Vladimir Nazarov

Classical Confetti is a series that celebrates a combination of both classical and contemporary schools of art and thought. In adoration of the historical significance of art that came before our time and a fascination for the ever expressive nature of contemporary stylings, Nazarov creates a new pop movement in art. For Nazarov, all artistic expression and experimentation can coexist. It is these risks that allow art to evolve to be a means of expression that fits the time of its movement. Nazarov inspires a future “new normal” for what art will soon be for those that will come after we ourselves have expired to pages in the texts of history

Vladamir Nazarov's suggested donation: Make-a-Wish Foundation

About Vladimir Nazarov

American, Russia, based in New York, NY, United States

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