Vladimir Nazarov, ‘Seared With Yearning’, 2016,  Impact Art Gallery

The Poetry Series by Vladimir Nazarov

A variation of the Symbols series that features classic and contemporary poetry within an emotionally charged canvas.

Vladimir Nazarov combines his multi-layering technique with meditative contemplation to create the Symbols Series. Each piece serves as an embodiment of a full conversation, communicated along the canvas from one edge to the other. In the Symbols Series one may encounter vivid colors, cosmic symbolism, and written language.

Spoken word amounts for a small percentage of meaning during speech. Over 90% of meaning in a conversation is derived from body language and tone. Each Symbol Painting communicates with all three levels: Verbal, Visual, and Vocal discourse. Symbol paintings are often 3 or more paintings layered into a single piece. Each painting opens itself to interpretation on multiple levels because it speaks to its viewers much in the same multilayered way they communicate with each other.

Featuring the Poem It Is The Hour by Lord Byron

It is the hour when from the boughs

 The nightingales high note is heard;

 It is the hour — when lovers vows

 Seem sweet in every whispered word;

And gentle winds and waters near,

 Make music to the lonely ear.

 Each flower the dews have lightly wet,

 And in the sky the stars are met,

 And on the wave is deeper blue,

And on the leaf a browner hue,

 And in the Heaven that clear obscure

 So softly dark, and darkly pure,

 That follows the decline of day

 As twilight melts beneath the moon away.

Vladamir Nazarov's suggested donation: Make-a-Wish Foundation

About Vladimir Nazarov

American, Russia, based in New York, NY, United States

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