Waldo Balart, ‘Módulo 2x2, 4.8. 100°’, 1995, Henrique Faria Fine Art

About Waldo Balart

Waldo Balart is an artist best known for his affiliation with the Concrete Art movement, and his singular purpose to create a formal visual language rooted in abstraction, concerned with color, planes, space, and order. Balart—who studied political science and economics and used to be an accountant—began to create work as a hobbyist painter. In 1959, he moved to New York to pursue studies in art and became acquainted with the art community there, which would be immensely influential for Balart’s developing style. He was particularly inspired by the work of Josef Albers, who would introduce Balart to the Bauhaus movement. Balart also looked toward Kasmir Malevich and Piet Mondrian for their perspectives on the relationship between spirituality and artistic form.

Cuban, b. 1931, Banes, Cuba, based in Madrid, Spain