Walter Dahn, ‘Scarlet Letter’, 2014, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

About Walter Dahn

In the 1970s, Walter Dahn studied with Joseph Beuys at the Art Academy Düsseldorf and later gained an international reputation as one of the leading painters of the Mülheimer Freiheit, a group founded with artists Jiří Georg Dokoupil, Hans Peter Adamski, and Peter Bömmels. The group developed a Neo-Expressionist, figurative style of intensely colorful painting in response to what they considered the overly-intellectual language of Minimalism and Conceptual Art. After exploring a variety of different mediums, including a stint as a punk rock musician, Dahn now concentrates on painting, taking inspiration from found images, song texts and poetry.

German, b. 1954, St. Tönis, Germany, based in Cologne, Germany