Walter Launt Palmer, ‘Winter Landscape with Stream’, Godel & Co.

Signature: Signed lower left: W. L. Palmer

About Walter Launt Palmer

Walter Palmer was renowned for his paintings of winter landscapes, a theme that preoccupied him for most of his career with a few forays into Venetian subject matter along the way. What fascinated Palmer about the snow-laden earth was how the seemingly colorless snow—especially layered in the branches of trees—offered many possibilities for depicting subtle variations in light and tonality. The quality of reflected light that fills Palmer’s intimate winter fields and streams was his real subject, while his compositions employed design principles to further dramatize his subject matter and add to the mystery and ambiguity of his work. Palmer was one of the great American painters of winter in his generation, along with peers Lowell Birge Harrison, Walter Nettleton, and George Symons.

American, 1854-1932, Albany, New York, based in Albany, New York

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