Wang Huangsheng, ‘Vacancy Visions 2015010’, 2015, Pearl Lam Galleries

About Wang Huangsheng

The importance of gestural lines within the practice of calligraphy informs Wang Huangsheng’s drawings, mixed-media works, and sculptures, which function as written poems and abstract representations of reality. Grounded in an academic context, Huangsheng’s drawings, landscapes, and writings are abstractions meant to parallel his own reality, capturing transient emotions and fleeting states of mind. Huangsheng works in isolation, burning incense in his studio and finding inspiration in wisps of smoke, the movement of which he incorporates into his work. Whereas traditional calligraphic gestures function as abstract representations of reality, Huangsheng’s “Moving Visions” series reverts to a pre-linguistic world, free from definitions and subjective, consciousness-limiting boundaries. Grounded in an unadulterated consciousness, Huangsheng’s line functions as a universal symbol with infinite potential, representative of the ever-evolving individual and collective society.

Chinese, b. 1956, based in Guangzhou, China

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