Waqas Khan, ‘Unfinished paths of a tiger’, 2017, Purdy Hicks Gallery

About Waqas Khan

Waqas Khan’s minimalist ink drawings are made from extensive networks of dots and lines that measure less than a centimeter each. Trained in printmaking but interested in Persian miniature painting, Khan twists the materials and processes employed in the traditional practice, abstracting his content and expanding his substrate. Interested in themes of meditation and transcendence inspired by Sufi mysticism, Khan creates primarily monochrome compositions that resemble complex webs and celestial expanses referencing infinity, eternity, and other sublime, heterotopic spaces. Recently, Khan has been working on an increasingly large scale. In order to complete these immense configurations, Khan enters into a trance-like state in which he measures his breath to match his exhaustive mark-making.

Pakistani, b. 1982, Akhtarabad, Pakistan, based in Lahore, Pakistan