Wayne Zebzda, ‘supertanker’, 2018, galerie 103

About Wayne Zebzda

Celebrating American streets through an ironic and absurdist lens, Wayne Zebzda’s art is primarily influenced by his fascination with road-trip culture. Finding inspiration in everyday life, Zebzda creates art inspired by ordinary visuals and random objects, which he allows to germinate and transform into works of art; he particularly favors road signs and scenes from television shows as subject matter. Zebzda always incorporates elements of social commentary and conceptual themes into his work in order to express ecological concerns and the absurdities of life. Understanding the word “art” as an acronym for “Aesthetic Recycling of Trash,” Zebzda most often works with found objects, as in the case of his “Roadtrip” series, which reimagines road signs as subjective guideposts in the journey of life.

American, b. 1956, Hartford, Connecticut, based in Kaua`i, Hawaii