Werner Haypeter, ‘Untitled ’, 2017, Annely Juda Fine Art

About Werner Haypeter

Werner Haypeter mixes industrial and everyday materials—such as resin, PVC, wood, and Plexiglas—in two- and three-dimensional works that fuse the tenants of minimalism and conceptualism. Like a sculptural, contemporary cousin of paintings by Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich, Haypeter’s works are pared down to a rubric of geometric forms and primary colors. Haypeter veers away from these modern masters, however, by employing manufactured materials and processes that are hard-edge yet flexible enough to elicit a wide range of reactions and associations. Rectangles of resin reveal uncontrolled bubbles; layered sheets of PVC are intentionally off-kilter and resemble futuristic portals; and a group of glass boxes, filled with fluorescent light and affixed to tripods, appear like machines about to spring to life.

German, b. 1955, Helmstedt, Germany, based in Dusseldorf and Bonn