Wieslaw Borkowski, ‘Indigo Home’, 2015, E-Moderne Gallerie

Inspired by music, “Indigo Home” is one of the early “Musical Calligraphy” works. It was written to and named after Roo Panes’s song which accompanied me during porcelain creation period. Indigo is the color used for blue-and-white porcelain. That’s why I filled empty spaces inside the scripture with white. The strokes reflect the delicate and poetic tone of this song.
Artworks from this collection are improvised translations of music into an abstract artistic script. Its calligraphic form resembles Chinese running script, thus the name "Musical Calligraphy." Unrestrained, rhythmic and emotional, each work is my interpretation of a particular piece.

Series: Original Chinese ink painting

Signature: Yes, Stamped

Image rights: Artist & Gallery

2012 - Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
2015 - A Dialogue: Chopin and Pipa Dream, Sanlang Art Dimension, Hangzhou
2015 - Homescapes, Chongwen Experimental School, Hangzhou
2015 - Homescapes, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Shanghai
2016 - Influx, Hangzhou Library Exhibition Space
2016 - Ningbo Cultural Plaza
Group exhibitions:
2014 - Foreign Student’s Biennale, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
2015 - CAA Graduate exhibition (“A Dialogue Between Apsara and Angel” Golden Award); following exhibition of awarded works
2015 - Thousand-Year Narratives, CAA Museum, Hangzhou
2015 - New Contemporary, Foreheal Hotel, Seoul, Korea
2016 - Bodyspace, Hangzhou Library Exhibition Space
2017 - Dissimilation
Hangzhou Official collections:
Xinjiang Qiuci Research Institute, China
China Academy of Art Museum, China
Jingde Ceramic Art Research Institute, China

Hangzhou, China

About Wieslaw Borkowski

Polish, b. 1989, Kroscienko nad Dunajcem, Poland, based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China